RT @L_Pbusiness: Brilliant presentation and constructive roundtable with @nickfarnhill CEO @PublicisLondon @pokelondon @publicisuk discussi…

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Thank you @facebook for picking our @Heineken 'The World's Most Shared Moments' as one of the best campaigns of 201… https://t.co/DOx9wLUwzG

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Super excited to be hosting our second Rare Minds event: In The Realm Of The Senses, on February 28th:… https://t.co/zlVZozsrkG

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Our flamingo Giphy page for @lastminute_com has been a hit with over 250m views to date! There’s a flamingo gifmoji… https://t.co/Z91HMnPE8X

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If you have access to the @NatGeo channel, tonight at 9pm they are playing out General Magic The Movie. Don’t miss… https://t.co/DYKXjgcjPs

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