Renault target twitter F bombs in “Keep it Clean” all-electric Zoe campaign

The Ultra-Low Emissions Zone means many commuters will have to pay up to £24 to drive into central London. And they’re turning Twitter blue with their ULEZ frustrations.

With a ton of car brands talking about ULEZ, Renault aim to hijack the conversation in their cheeky “Keep it Clean” campaign for the all-electric ULEZ exempt Renault Zoe. As well as cleaning up the city’s air they’re are on a mission to clean up Twitter too.

An algorithm based on 200 of the UK’s most offensive swear words has been busy trawling twitter for angry ULEZ tweets and replacing swears with a Renault Zoe.

The cleaner, Zoe-ifed tweets are being piped into 105 digital posters and will run alongside a full digital and radio campaign, effectively taking over the capital for the first two f@*^ing days when the ULEZ charge comes into force.