Koala Academy

Capabilities showcased

  • Brand Communication

A partnership with the WWF to save koalas one roll at a time.

We brought to life the attempts of self-trained ‘koala expert’ Jo Robinson to solve an impending koala extinction. With tourist season approaching, her solution is to train other famous Australian animals at her Koala Academy to ‘fill in’ for the cuddly marsupial in case they don’t make it. But just like there can only be one Kenny the Koala - Cushelle’s brand mascot - sheep, crocodile and emu are not so good at doing what koalas do: climb trees, eat eucalyptus and sleep 17 hours a night.

The films, which run on social, all end on the same, sombre message. 60,000 koalas were killed in last year’s Australian bushfires, and only 35,000 now remain in the wild.

In response to this, Cushelle has partnered with the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) and is backing its pledge to double the number of koalas in the wild by 2050. Having raised over £150,000 to date thanks to donations taken from each Cushelle special pack purchased, the campaign aims to drive further awareness and donations to support the cause.

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