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There is Another Way

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  • Brand Commuication

Our latest work for P&O Ferries challenges the travel industry, reminding people ‘There is Another Way’ to travel. Playful OOH posters located at airports and train stations across the UK poke fun at common frustrations in a way that in a way that resonates with us all.

We launched P&O Ferries new ad campaign, enticing people to travel via ferry over planes and trains, contextually positioning themselves in and around train stations and airports where travellers will be using these other forms of transport.


P&O Ferries - the leaders in ferry travel in UK and Ireland - are using out-of-home posters to alert travellers that ‘There is Another Way’ to travel. The campaign positions P&O Ferries as a challenger brand and a travel alternative in a category full of frustrations.


The attention-grabbing headlines spell the facts out in black and white: there really is another way to travel. The tongue-in-cheek ads utilise bold, contextual placements that target specific relatable pain points when travelling and are strategically positioned to embed P&O Ferries’ brand positioning as the most enjoyable way to travel.


Our Creative Director, Steve Paskin, said: “This work drives home the fact that there is another travel alternative with P&O Ferries. The posters are bold and playful: they poke fun at common frustrations in a way that resonates with us all. Contextual media is the heartbeat of this campaign, and it’s what really helps drive the message in a way we can all relate to.”

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