Don't Eat Takis

Capabilities showcased

  • Brand Communication

Launching Takis in the UK despite the recent advertising ban on snack food brands. 

To mark the launch of Takis in the UK we created a campaign with a fiery warning about the snack’s spice levels, going so far as telling the public: "Don’t Eat Takis". Coinciding with the recent HFSS advertising ban on snack food brands, we projected this message all across town, most notably on the Houses of Parliament – making it the first projection of its type actually in favour of the government!

“We would like to thank all our haters for delivering the incredibly important message that…not everyone can handle the heat of Takis. So best not to eat them at all. We’re grateful to Publicis•Poke for helping us get that message out, and all the way to the walls of Westminster to boot.”

Maria Eugenia de la Fuente Favela, global marketing manager, Takis

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