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Press the Green Button

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  • Brand Communication

We invited the world to Press the Green Button to unlock the joys of Ireland.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, people had been dreaming of travel. They’d been researching potential destinations, putting together itineraries, and day-dreaming of that first trip away.  But as lockdowns came to an end, potential travellers were reluctant to actually hit ‘book now.’ 

We invited the world to Press the Green Button.

Green is synonymous with Ireland, and with ‘go.’ (It was also symbolic of ‘no restrictions’).

So, a Green Button was the perfect, universal metaphor for the act of booking a trip to Ireland.

In every ad, you needed to press the button before Ireland sprang to life - helping to remind travellers that the joys of Ireland couldn’t be unlocked until they’d pressed the Green Button and booked.  

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